JOURNAL ENTRY January 19: Super Bowl LIII

This is a very, very important month. We celebrate civil rights with the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday and the importance of his work as a peaceful and powerful leader of equality.


Marianne Williamson


This is an epic story. I think about leaders like Marianne Williamson, this could be about her —or when I first wrote the words I felt like it was Maharet from…

No Fear Friday: Happy Birthday!

We give our time to our work, our family, our friends, ourselves, our world, even our phones. Often, it can mean the difference between someone…

Michele Obama


May we all become the peace builders of our time. Might we all bring home, that which is our birthright.

Love is the Code

Stay true to your path. Never give up and always remember that the truth of life is love.

Love Wins

Just Love! When I say things like that, I mean we bring in the big guns. Love is like a book store…


REBIRTH: A few days ago, I shaved my head. It’s symbolic. It’s the action of humility, forgiveness, refuge.


Richard’s calling card reads “Include, Choose Love over Fear, Follow your Dreams, Build a Better World, Be kind and Gentle, Expand Life to Include Everything! Inspire Global Thinking!

trace ellis ross

No Fear Friday: Bring It.

NO FEAR FRIDAY: Often, the best outcome in the situations we find ourselves in happens when we’ve brought all of ourselves to the table. People can feel when we’re not honest with them — and when we aren’t being ourselves.