Testimonials for YESRISING

Thank you for sharing your workJeni

I totally resonate with the good energy you RADIATEanonymous

Love Matters! So helpful to read thisInger

I so resonate with your story and the beautiful awakening you describeTerri

I felt your soul and smiled, thank you for your wordsDanushia

Forget “Like”, where is the LOVE buttonSiria

A beautiful story from a new friend, fellow dreamer, poet, musician and messengeranonymous

I really loved this video and all you have to sayJon

Your words are raising the vibration ever higheranonymous

I resonate with what you are doing on many levels. I applaud your songwriting and I really appreciate the way you put your good intention out into the universe. —anonymous

Thank you for your inspiration and positive example, even amidst the difficulties and loss you’ve experienced. It is always helpful to read your words.Anthony


“A piece of art”Dirk Terpstra — Intuitive Speaker—HeartMath Trainer 

“Inspring”Rev. Nora Bouvier

“He indeed redefines love”Mary Schaefer, Speaker, Author and Chief Encouragement Officer, Artemis Path, Inc.

“A beautiful message”Michele Harvey, Published Poet (Art in Public Places), Author, Life Coach 

“A beautiful look at redefining Love”Melissa Kalt, MD

“His message is a beacon.”Thomas E Ziemann, Author of The Department of Zenitation & Taming the Anger Dragon 

“A clarion call for anyone searching for happiness and peace.”Karen Salmansohn, best selling author of THINK HAPPY