Forgiveness, Gratitude and Cancer

Head to the Heart interview with Danushia Kaczmarek

Join Danushia Kaczmarek and Richard Silvia, the Author of ‘The Grace of Redefining Love’ & founder of YesRising. A heartfelt connection and conversation about Prostate Cancer through Wellness and Mindfulness. Sharing with you his personal journey and experiences. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos:… Find me here on Social Media: Instagram:… Facebook:… Twitter:


The Grace of Redefining Love – Interview with Richard Silvia

Richard Silvia is a writer, artist, and the creative visionary behind  — a platform inspiring and empowering the global evolution of health, wellness and happiness.

Richard believes that we have power to redefine our personal future. As a global thinking society, we possess the skill and means to lift, empower, and motivate each other – we can turn our dreams into realities. He believes that love is the common thread of hope and possibility shared by all religions, tribes and species.

Interview with Richard Silvia

The Grace of Redefining Love | Soul LoveI was inspired by Richard Silvia’s personal and genuine message, and wanted to learn more about the man who is also the author of his latest book The Grace of Redefining Love – Expanding Life in Include Everything.

The Grace of Redefining Love is a fine blend of sensitive poetry, personal insights and honest confessions. The book, that I rather call ‘a piece of art’, is accessible and insightful. If you feel drawn to redefine love in your life, this is your little ‘bible of truth’. I applaud Richard for his courage to bring so much of his genuine aliveness to the world!

Below is my 34 min. video interview with Richard Silvia. Enjoy!


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