T E A C H LOVE | Inspire Possibility

Richard Silvia | YESRISING | 1 Million hearts. 

My why is not about having 1 Million followers, it’s about inspiring one, or five, or five hundred people who then engage their capacity to help others. One Million Hearts.

For centuries great philosophers, poets, even scientists have provided us data that supports beyond reasonable doubt that LOVE is the common thread between us.

We’ve been preparing our minds for hundreds of years to become, well, a new human. Meaning, we’re shifting from an operating system of competition and survival into one of compassion, love and empathy.

Today, may we aim to take the work of those that came before us further — expanding, exploring, and expressing deeper than we ever have. Opening each other’s hearts and releasing our old story so we might begin a new one.

“Happiness comes when we feel the touch of the universe. Lay down your swords. Tell your Love Story.” —R.S

Expanding Life to Include Everything.

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