BECAUSE EVERYTHING SPEAKS new musical work, coming in 2017!!! Original recording of 10 Year’s to 7th Heaven Rick Eva is a folk-rock singer/songwriter – soulful, intimate and emotional. The song Ooh the Sky was engineered and played and produced by guitarist/producer Peter Calo at Tator Studio in New York. The […]

RISING HEART—BEAT and SONG (The Long Version) A Personal Narrative 2009-2014 Master Class I am a writer, I suck at spelling, and I almost flunked English in high school. I AM a writer, of love and dreams, of words that speak to me out of my dreams and meditations. I […]

Praise for The Grace of Redefining Love “The Grace of Redefining Love is a fine blend of sensitive poetry, personal insights and honest confessions. The book, that I rather call ‘a piece of art’ is accessible and insightful. If you feel drawn to redefine love in your life, this is […]

NO FEAR FRIDAY 2017—It’s All About Love! No Fear Friday is a weekly campaign on INSTAGRAM aimed at replacing fear with love. The Campaign, now in it’s third year, centers around inclusiveness. “no one is free until we are all free”.   – Dr. Martin Luther King While not ignoring […]

Welcome to my Word Art Store! Currently featured on Red Bubble, I’m offering the YOU MATTER Series and the LOVE, POSSIBILITY, ENERGY Series. Everything from tee shirts to family room pillows and clocks. You can also find office gifts and totes for birthdays and more! Please click on the link […]

The YESRISING FOUNDATION for Love, Possibility and Inclusiveness The Yesrising Foundation for Love, Possibility, and Inclusiveness was established in April of 2017. In the near future The Foundation will become a 501c3 organization. The Yesrising Foundation serves three areas of need: Teen LGBTQ Cancer Survivorship and Prevention Programs Eldercare Environments if you […]

coming soon, Lifestyle Coaching services! REDEFINE YOUR LIFE Inspired. Resilient. Present. Specializing in Stress Reduction & Activating Creative Potential. Artists, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Writers, Cancer Survivors, LGBTQ, Spiritual Seekers

This is a series I did for ten weeks on people that made a difference in my life starting all the way back when I was a kid. Each one, and there are certainly many more than just these ten, made an impact that changed the trajectory of my life. […]

This will be a resource page for cancer survivors and I will also share my personal journey. More to come.

What is Conscious Parenting? Start reading below and discover for yourself, a new relationship with both your child and yourself. When I discovered The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, I instantly became a huge fan! Dr. Shefali’s work is REVOLUTIONARY! Dr. Shefali Tsabary is a world-renowned clinical psychologist who received […]