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THE MANY FACES OF LOVE: All that is Reverent

The vast ocean floor

The precision of planets

The radiance of sunlight

The magnificence of lupine


The magnitude of Olympus 

The curiosity of moons

The stillness of night

The servitude of —honey bees


The brilliance of ancestors

The miracle of cooperation

The possibility of seeding

The propagation of waves unseen


The play in poetry

The poet in the play

The freedom of eagles

The notes a minor chord played


The spectacle of colour 

The grace of ballets

The infinity of infinities…

The intimacy of —creativities…




When you inhale—breathe the reverent

When you exhale—send it’s Peace


© 2018 Richard Silvia|YesRising


Richard’s message is “choose Love over Fear, Follow your Dreams, and Expand Life to Include Everything!” His book The Grace of Redefining Love is available on Amazon 

He’s the founder of Instagram’s No Fear Friday (TM), and Singer—Songwriter at Rick Eva Music. Find No Fear Friday the book here! 

The social change artist is an online writer for the platforms The Power of the Heart + Thrive Global — the bulk of his work can be found on his website yesrising.com!

Richard is a lover of sandy beaches, partner of John and addicted to 90% dark chocolate — with a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land. 

“perhaps the answer to all human threat is…L OV E” ❤️

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