No More Fear

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“all of our possibilities emerge as we enter u n c h a r t e r e d waters that you and i need trust will keep us buoyant” 

A Poignant Look

—from the book No Fear Friday — a artful look at meditative ideas intended to open us. 

Available on Amazon — click on the link in our bio! 

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Richard’s message is “choose Love over Fear, Follow your Dreams, and Expand Life to Include Everything!” His book The Grace of Redefining Love is available on Amazon 

He’s the founder of Instagram’s No Fear Friday (TM), and Singer—Songwriter at Rick Eva Music. Find No Fear Friday the book here! 

The social change artist is an online writer for the platforms The Power of the Heart + Thrive Global — the bulk of his work can be found on his website yesrising.com!

Richard is a lover of sandy beaches, partner of John and addicted to 90% dark chocolate — with a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land. 

“perhaps the answer to all human threat is…L OV E” ❤️

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