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OWNLoveHello, I’m Richard. Artist, Author, Advocate, Cancer Survivor and the Creative Visionary (a thinker and planner of imaginative ideas) at YesRising Ventures.

Founder of Yesrising.com  — I call it a conversation of love and a space for global thinking.

The mission of YesRising is to spread Love, Possibility, and Inclusiveness through the ministry of words, music and art. In short, I guess you can say we aim to INSPIRE LOVE + GLOBAL THINKING!

I’m also a Singer-songwriter under the name of The Rick Eva Music Project and author of four books.


I believe we have Power to Redefine our personal future. As a global thinking society, we possess the skill and means to lift, empower, and motivate each other – we can turn our dreams into realities. I believe that Love is the common thread of hope and possibility shared by all religions, tribes and species.


I’m passionate about: Film, music, gentleness, mindfulness, love, inclusiveness, possibility, workplace wellness, the expansion of cutting edge wellness initiatives, the future of society, human contact, healthy work-life balance, quality of life, social connection, creativity and play.

Current Projects

  1. Because Everything Speaks (five song EP)
  2. Mimic, a book of poems
  3. Wish to be Free meditational video


As a Usui Reiki practitioner, certified wellness advocate, and Intuitive — I offer Intuitive Coaching. Guidance to help identify and resolve creative blocks and fears by interpreting what I see, hear, sense and feel along with traditional coaching methods.

Some History

A series of life-altering events, led to the transformational narrative in 2014 called Rising Heart, Beat and Song — a brief account of the years between 2009 and 2014. My first book, Merging Worlds, is the culmination and creative energy emerging from that journey of loss, struggle, risk, and triumph.


Early poetical works, including “The Fragile Thread” and “Bits of Red“ have been published in various literary journals and the song “Ooh the Sky”, received an honorable mention for songwriting from Billboard International Songwriting. In 2018, I was grateful to have been nominated as a top pick spiritual leader by Visionary Insight Press.


Previously a successful fundraiser and event planner for many non profit organizations, I helped raise significant funds and awareness for cultural and neighborhood development, and healthcare.

I love traveling and have visited Prague, the West Mexico Coast, and Caribbean and traveled throughout the U.S.