global thinkingWhat This Site Is…

YesRising is a conversation of Love and a space for global thinking. 

Mission and Vision…

The mission of YesRising is to inspire the global movement of Love, Possibility, and Inclusiveness through the ministry of words, music and art. 

We highly value the advocation of wellness to change lives – and believe Health and Wellness flourishes through sharing our life experiences with each other.

YESRISING views GLOBAL WELLNESS as the merging of Science, Medicine, Philosophy, Art, Religion and Spirituality to redefine and create positive and healthy beliefs — thus, co-creating the Future of Humanity. A New Humanity, A New Human.

YESRISING believes in Four Truths for all people:

  1. You Are Loved
  2. You Are Safe
  3. You Are Enough
  4. and You Matter!

(c) all opinions are my own and are not intended for treatment, therapy or medical advice.