The YESRISING Foundation was established in April of 2017 to serve as a vehicle that assists LGBTQ teens, Cancer Survivors, and our Elder Population.


Let us light someone else’s path

“When I was a teen, I had a dream of creating a shelter, a place available where others like me could go when they felt there was no other safe place. I imagined this facility, a physical building, offering one-day, overnight, or more stays offering compassionate counseling and programming designed to assist teens & the LGBTQ community find safety and freedom of expression. Yesrising supports this dream” – RS

TODAY, The YESRISING FOUNDATION is a modern day vision of that teenage dream with an expanded mission. It is my hope that in the near future, The Foundation will become a 501c3 organization as it grows. Visit our Donation page if you would like to make donation to the mission of the Foundation.

Our 2019 Partners

The Yesrising Foundation serves three areas of need:

  • Teen LGBTQ, serving those who are bullied, lacking a support system, or are artists needing a helping hand or listening ear. One of my dreams as a young gay man was to establish a shelter for runaway LGBTQ teens complete with mind, body, spirit programs. This is an online version of the program I hope to develop.
  • Cancer Survivorship Programs and Cancer Prevention Programs. Close to my heart, I believe we can reduce the suffering for people diagnosed with cancer, and build educational and support systems for patients, and their friends and families – including cancer prevention education.
  • Eldercare Environments. I believe our aging population is in need of two things. One, our respect. Two, better environments to live in. There is cutting edge technologies today that I feel will offer our elder communities the future home environments they need. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg is on the forefront of that technology with

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Foundation, please contact me or choose to make a contribution on the donation page.

Financial Statements will be provided on this page soon.

More information coming shortly! Thank you!!

(c) all opinions are my own and are not intended for treatment, therapy or medical advice.