Acceptance Over Tolerance 3

This morning while editing a collection of older poems I plan to get out this month, I came across this introduction I wrote in 2002 for one of the chapbooks “Cadbury Castle”. Still seems timely. ‪#‎HappySunday‬‪#‎LoveEachOther‬ ‪#‎BecauseWeCan‬ Here it is:

“I know as we move forward in this world,
we are leaping blindly into a future of technology
— we are trying to forget our past.
As we determine what is real and what is not, 
we are reaching out to each other for help. 
It is no longer a viable option to say we tolerate. 
Rather, we need to accept. Accept ourselves, our
neighbors, our friends, our fellow countries, our
backgrounds, our colors, our religions, our nature, 
our differences, and our likeness.
For do we not all fight for the same thing?
Our love.”

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