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Hi! As some of you know, I’m a singer songwriter, poet and author.

I’m very passionate about a new album I’m working on titled BECAUSE EVERYTHING SPEAKS — a companion CD to my book The Grace of Redefining Love. 

A companion because the words and music are about expanding our thinking, opening our hearts and creating more love in our world.

It’s a body of work that includes 5 brand new songs. I’m recording plan with master guitarist, singer songwriter, producer, and my friend — Peter Calo.

We have booked a date in a local studio for October 23, just a few weeks out from today.

But I can’t do it without your help. 

I created a Kickstarter campaign asking for your support. Your contribution will fund studio time, pre and post production, rehearsal and manufacturing costs for the project.

What gets even better is that if our support exceeds our project goal of $2,500, we’ll expand the project. Maybe even add another song!

Click here on my KICK STARTER page and you’ll find song clips, a budget, a timeline, backing opportunities and a sample of the work Peter and I did together back in 2002.

My intent is for this music to come to life—to reach its full potential. I believe together we can make that happen!

In return, I promise to deliver the most beautiful music I possibly can!

THANK YOU so much for your GENEROSITY! yes, we can.

<3 Namaste dear friends,


Creater,, Author, Singer-songwriter.

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