Brown Rice Tofu Bowl (BRTB) 1

tofuOne staple food I always have on hand in the fridge is cooked brown rice. I make a big pot on Sunday and it lasts me most the week for lunches or dinners.

Today, I had my steamed brown rice and tofu bowl for lunch. I steam the tofu ahead of time for the week because it makes preparing on-the-go meals so much easier.

While warming up the bowl of rice, I chop one green onion/scallion, a carrot, a handful of fresh parsley and then cube up some tofu. Use whatever you have – variations are great creative experiments! Once the rice is warm, I toss in the vegetables, add some olive oil, a splash of Braggs Amino’s and today I added some grated Romano. Yum!

This is healthy, filling and a feel good meal. Enjoy!

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