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There's another way
“TWO and a half years ago I had this dream. My Grandfather came to me, the image was only his face, but I really think it was God.

There’s Another Way

Love: A New Humanity 🦋 “We are a part of Love, not separate from it” We need money and we need health

Love: A New Humanity

You might know how much I love story’s on synchronicity. Synchronicity’s, “God-winks” as Kathie Lee Gifford calls them, are moments offering connection. I remember Steve Jobs once saying


Painting doorways, creating possibility, having breakthroughs – The only way to really do it is to evolve ourselves. We evolve and

NFF: Create Your Own Mantra

In any one blessing, all blessings flow. For the stranger then finds his home within himself where he thought he never belonged.

NFF: A New Healing

When people say things to undermine you and sway public opinion pitting others against you —

Leaving Negative Reality

John Lennon
“If everyone demanded ‘peace’ instead of…” It’s a statement that makes us chuckle, right? Kind of a...

NFF: Choosing Words

This quote narrates the heart of No Fear Friday perfectly. The allocation of — the deeper thinking within...

NFF: Thinking

amazon books
What's been fun for me over the years is geting to see my work accumulate. I'm excited to say that a fifth book, a new book of poems titled MIMIC will be added to the mix this year! Thank you for...

Authors Corner

From thought to environment. Imagine peace, Imagine healing.


I always say forgiveness means I give you love. So, in that giving, we area able to heal--ourselves and each other. It's a small shift in...


Dalai Lama
NO FEAR FRIDAY: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama says in his quote to look at situations from all angles. That’s how...

NFF: All Angles

Express more kindness today--loudly, boldly, proudly. And most important peacefully.

Love Wins

This is a sort of mantra for me. I think this everyday, and hope you can find some truth in it.


This is a very, very important month. We celebrate civil rights with the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday and the importance of his work as a peaceful and powerful leader of equality.

JOURNAL ENTRY January 19: Super Bowl LIII

Marianne Williamson
This is an epic story. I think about leaders like Marianne Williamson, this could be about her —or when I first wrote the words I felt like it was Maharet from...


Michele Obama
We give our time to our work, our family, our friends, ourselves, our world, even our phones. Often, it can mean the difference between someone...

No Fear Friday: Happy Birthday!

May we all become the peace builders of our time. Might we all bring home, that which is our birthright.


Stay true to your path. Never give up and always remember that the truth of life is love.

Love is the Code

Just Love! When I say things like that, I mean we bring in the big guns. Love is like a book store...

Love Wins

REBIRTH: A few days ago, I shaved my head. It’s symbolic. It’s the action of humility, forgiveness, refuge.


Becoming these words have long been part of our moral compass — adding our hearts energy into them in 2019. RS


THE MANY FACES OF LOVE: All that is Reverent The vast ocean floor The precision of planets The radiance of sunlight The magnificence of lupine   The magnitude of Olympus  The curiosity of moons The stillness of night The servitude of —honey bees   The brilliance of ancestors The miracle […]


NO FEAR FRIDAY this week: Low energies need to be plucked from the body. Deep seated wounds will rise up through us during physical, emotional, and spiritual detox — let them surface and let them go! ARTIST, AUTHOR & THINKER Richard’s message is “choose Love over Fear, Follow your Dreams, […]

NO FEAR FRIDAY: Creative Energy

“The reciprocity of givingcomes many ways, but mostly it’s felt in both the giver and receiver when given genuinely fromthe heart.” — R.S. The  PERFECT  TIME  to  REFLECT Whether looking from the viewpoint of a calendar year or in traditional holiday spirit, we often forget that reflection is necessary for […]

Our Year End Report

I write because I dream of a kinder and more loving world. This project, as many of you know, I’ve been working on with Peter Calo since last year. We are now entering the mastering phase which will bring the sound of the project alive. Please consider supporting us to […]

I Write Because

Might Then, We Give “might then, we Give more possibility than— gifted ruby’s or diamonds thus truer gifts become the hope of brighter days whilst extended arms ours wrap —around the silent and wounded.” —from the poem Thanksgiving Love, not fear will heal us. You see, we are here to […]

Might Then We Give

Human condition
THANKSGIVING 11.22.2018.11:11AM We place our hand on our heart. In exchange for the laughter + our freedom, we release—old memories…   this a new way of seeing, on a day that what disposable, be transformed…   thus what crafted be, respected, might a love that grow in us — be […]

Thanksgiving, a Poem