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JOURNAL ENTRY August 4,2018 Andy Cohen and Jesus Christ These journal entries weave together, part dream, memory or stream of consciousness — messages, still coded waiting for our hearts to break them. I write these fictional, nonfictional “stories” because, well, they ask me too. So here we go. —RS ON […]

JOURNAL ENTRY August 4,2018

Love Lives Here NEW YORK, NY —  Washcloth Drive. I’ve got exciting news to share with everyone! I’m partnering with Erica Wright, CEO/Founder of U First, Inc. in support of their LOVE LIVES HERE event. October 1st will kick off their Love Lives Here trip from Atlanta to New York […]

Washcloth Drive

JOURNAL ENTRY JULY 28, 2018 Compassion, The New Pill 🌞 People are struggling. The news is making us aware of that. We are more awake than we’ve been in a while, that’s true. But, the conflicting message of taking a pill to make us happy or “better” leaves a bitter taste. […]


No more fear
Because We Live in a Universe of Greatness Often the title of my book comes up in question. What is the Grace of Redefining Love? Well, it simply means expanding life to include everything. 🌺 If we begin to look at life in a new way, with empathy — other […]

Universe of Greatness

INSTA Collection II What does everyone do when they get weary? When we want change so badly, often we think in all or nothing terms. Where can we find opportunities in our present condition to facilitate healthy change? Keeping it real. The bottom line is we serve what right, just […]

INSTA Collection II

Just Try New Things Look, there is always somebody with a flashlight shining a light on life. A mentor, a peer, an influencer, a spiritual practice, Divine Himself—illuminating a next step. We just have to take it. Bam! All the doors and windows open up. About No Fear Friday No […]

Just Try New Things

Insta Collection New this week on Yesrising Instagram! “It was kinda like Late Night with Stephen Colbert without the glam…” 👄 “If we want a new world, we must create it. Together, we can do amazing things.”  “I wrote this song in the video “You Will Be Loved” for a […]

Insta Collection #1

True Happiness I have to share this quote from Marianne Williamson again from a slightly different angle because it struck me so.  It’s from a lecture she gave in NYC this week, and I’ve taken it out of context here, but I truly feel the message is important. So — […]

True Happiness

Body positive Yoga
Can you imagine a time when, wherever we land, we are welcomed? #ican#humanrights #provincetown #lgbtq #artistsoninstagram #artandculture#musicians #oceanbeach #yogapants #yogaposes #summer About The Author “Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Find his latest book here He is the creator of […]

Can You Imagine

Inclusive Body Positive Introduction to Yoga Workshop a Huge Success A Free Introduction to Yoga Workshop at Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio. The workshop brought a full house into the safe and loving space to learn about the history, practices and benefits of yoga! Thank you Dori Digenti for […]

Body Positive Yoga