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No more fear
Because We Live in a Universe of Greatness Often the title of my book comes up in question. What is the Grace of Redefining Love? Well, it simply means expanding life to include everything. 🌺 If we begin to look at life in a new way, with empathy — other […]

Universe of Greatness

Just Try New Things Look, there is always somebody with a flashlight shining a light on life. A mentor, a peer, an influencer, a spiritual practice, Divine Himself—illuminating a next step. We just have to take it. Bam! All the doors and windows open up. About No Fear Friday No […]

Just Try New Things

True Happiness I have to share this quote from Marianne Williamson again from a slightly different angle because it struck me so.  It’s from a lecture she gave in NYC this week, and I’ve taken it out of context here, but I truly feel the message is important. So — […]

True Happiness

Question We question life when we see inequality, hatred, greed and worse. But, our suffering evokes compassion and empathy, with which we transcend almost any obstacle to help course correct. Ultimately, if we see ourselves in each other — a lightbulb goes off bringing us a profound understanding. We belong […]

We Question Life

Blending “We are the blending of politics, race, and science, medicine, spirit — we are the receiver of I AM.  Becoming conscious in the Quantum Field — our Omni Eye of Existence offers potential into probable. In alignment, we are not just asked, but are able to create our future. […]


no fear friday
“All of our possibility emerges as we enter uncharted waters that, you and I need trust, will keep us buoyant.”  Excerpt below from my book The Grace of Redefining Love. _____________________ Most of my life I sought after answers, paths and promises like it was the fortune I’d find and […]

All of our Possibility

Shifting the status quo! 💥 What can we overthrow today that didn’t work for us yesterday? 🎈 ———— ✨No Fear Friday is a weekly campaign on INSTAGRAM — @yesrising believes in taking action from a place of LOVE rather than fear. We are grateful that you follow us! Keep taking […]

Shifting the Status Quo

“Our thoughts create an internal environment of healing or distress. Begin to speak to your body lovingly, give it permission to heal and be healthy. Ask any part of your body what it wants to tell you” — from my book The Grace of Redefining Love. ________________________________________ No Fear Friday […]

No Fear Friday on Instagram

John Lennon
John Lennon and Yoko Ono have dreamed and striven for a world of peace more than five decades. #ImaginePeace has become the trademark for humanity’s survival. I loved the statement from @yokoonoofficial in the image for this week’s #NoFearFriday because it embraces the expansion of our minds to include that […]

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

FORGIVING is an act of heroism. “I used to think that by accepting a situation you had to stay in it, but that’s not true at all.” Conditioning, showing up in positive or negative ways, has endless forms. Good traits, bad habits, addiction, abuse, compassion or caring — the form doesn’t […]

FORGIVING is An Act of Heroism