waiting to emerge

We’re all Really Butterflies

WE live in challenging times. In extraordinary times — and during an evolutionary time in which we are being requested to step forward with Expanded Love and Generous Hearts.

This world — that we believe in — asks us to participate in designing our future.

To design our life with a desire to lift each other up in hope and in possibility.


Citizens around the globe, we’re invited to express Divine Love. To bring to light our deepest secret — “we’re all really butterflies, waiting to emerge from our transformational chrysalis.”

ALL OUR CHARGE HAS EVER BEEN — IS TO LOVE. — Richard Anthony Silvia (from the introduction to my book Grace) more at
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No Fear Friday is a weekly campaign on INSTAGRAM — @yesrising believes in taking action from a place of LOVE rather than fear. We are grateful that you follow us! Keep taking risks!! Have Courage…


About The Author

“Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Buy his latest book here He is the creator of, No Fear Friday (TM), and songwriter at Rick Eva Music. A social change artist, partner of John, lover of sandy beaches, and addicted to 90% dark chocolate, with a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land.


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