Creating Our New Self


from my book The Grace of Redefining Love

Thought Work

To create a new self we must let our old self die off. We are not the same person anymore and we need to give ourselves permission to grieve.

Here is an example. This is an experience I had when I was 23. We don’t have to have “extreme” experiences like this one to change — though often times we miss the early calls, reminders and winks from the Universe. I know I have.

AFTER a 4 year period of checking in and out of hospitals with collapsed lungs called spontaneous pneumothorax, I elected to have surgeries on both lungs. They cut off the top portion of each lung, stapled and secured the lung so it would re-inflate adhering to the outer cavity. This was a painful process physically and psychologically both pre and post-op. Life was very different after the surgeries.

The Fragile Thread 

Life was different — I was different. I had developed a much deeper reverence for life. 

That is when I wrote about the fragile thread metaphor for life — we are strong, woven tapestries of colour, that in an instant can be severed — and never the same. Life is beautiful — and precious.

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