Root Cause

root causeMay we strive to cultivate this in our children.

Don’t expect it to be a place we arrive at. It will forever remain a constant practice that you and I must choose to embrace. In becoming friends with our practice — we expand in heart and lower our walls allowing Divine Love to illumine our path.

DIVINE LOVE — that soft voice urging us to hold someones hand, to wrap our arms around our children, feel empathy, want to help our neighbor or pull someone to safety without condition. Divine Love’s Grace beckons gratitude.

We recognize we’ve mostly been looking to fill up our voids with lower earthly toys expecting higher treasures — but our evolution desires we seek expression of what is internal. Internal which is Eternal. When we choose to express Divine, we feel fulfilled completely.

Most of my life I sought after answers, paths and promises like it was the fortune I’d find and then be able to share. The truth is we are the treasure — sharing our heart is the gift.

This is the glory in giving.

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