Dear Artist 2

Dear Artist,

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Dear Artist…

I see your true expression. I feel the energy you do, of that in which you use to create. When I was a young boy, I felt very much the same way as you. The war raging within our own family and social environments. The war between awe and isolation, aliveness and oppression, truth and ties.

Though feeling trapped by the war within the box which condition and conformity would have us sit — like you, I saw more. In my heart grew a world much grander — that was my dream and it was free.

When I got to be a teenager, I visited a friend of the family and in her living room stood an easel with a half painted painting on it and I said — I want to create like that! About ten years later I ran into her, she saw my freedom and asked how did I get out? So, I write this for you dear artist.

Let your immediate circumstance not overtake your vision — for your vision is real and it holds the land of promise and opportunity that is very much alive and waiting on your next move. Let the choices you make today be aligned with your highest calling. You will know it because your heart will tell you so. Your heart will expand — open, and though you will feel vulnerable, it is through your nakedness that you discover joy and beauty and awe.

You are much more that what is in the box from which you came and from the constraints and lines a sleepy society would have you stay. Keep striving — move onward and rise up in all your creative spirit — keep creating. Evolve beyond the experiences that would have you remain in the box. Beyond the trauma that would have you live in the past. You are the consciousness of the Great Divine unfolding and expressing. You must follow your intuition — say what you need to say and trust it. Trust your heart, your spirit, your life. Trust the stardust of which you were born.

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