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Divine Love – Divine Dream

DIVINE LOVE—DIVINE DREAM: I’m going to try and document this writing and learning process along the way hoping I can look back later and see the connections. At some point I plan on writing a book called “Redefining Love”. The concept started for me in 1995 when I began a recording project of several songs that I titled Inter-Dimensional Love. Today, I drafted an article titled Divine Love—Divine Dream. This message from a dream I had, you will find in my previous articles RISING HEART & LOVE MATTERS and also it’s lessons in my book Merging Worlds. So, here we go with the intro paragraph to DIVINE LOVE—DIVINE DREAM…

“Two and a half years ago I had this dream. My Grandfather came to me, the image was only his face, but I really think it was God. No words were spoken. I felt only the most beautiful complete love I have ever felt before. This Love I speak of is Divine Love. It has not words nor form in the way we try and think yet offers only inclusivity in Joy and Peace and can only be best described as Oneness. In the dream, I knew it was the energy that heals body’s and minds and that makes planets spin and dolphins swim. It is the Highest Love. It is not the same love that we experience as a child or as a couple or as successful business people. No, it is definitely the Love that spontaneously heals cancer and traumas and brings people back out of comas. It healed me. It can end human suffering — it is a love that matters…”

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