YOUR SUPPORT is important to me.

100 percent of All CONTRIBUTIONS will directly fund the project of your choice!! Thank you for giving a dream a voice, and a vision a vehicle. Namaste.


I: The Rick Eva Music Project. 

Thank you for your support! Your gift will specifically be used to support the recording and production of my new EP “Because Everything Speaks.”  Costs associated with this project are things like musician fees, studio time, mixing and production to final product. Learn more about this project here. There are also some song clips at Rick Eva Music

global thinking

II: Yesrising Foundation for Love & Possibility.

Your gift will be used to enhance the Foundation’s mission and vision. The primary three areas of service are:

  1. to provide support to our LGBTQ youth.
  2. education and relief to cancer survivors and their families.
  3. provide quality environments and care to elders.

more information about The Foundation can be found here YESRISING FOUNDATION

Thank you for your gift!

III: General support to keep my work going.

Your gift will cover the cost of book production, web and social marketing, and fee’s like trademark, copyrights, and editing. THANK YOU!!


“There will be a profit and loss statement added later this year.”


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