Doors, Possibility and Breakthroughs 6

possiblePainting doorways, creating possibility, having breakthroughs. The only way to really do it is to evolve ourselves. We evolve and move forward by releasing. Releasing is forgiving yourself for the million things you think you did wrong and the times you think you were not good enough. You were good enough. Love is interdimentional. It is not bound by what you’ve been taught or what you see on television or hear in conversations. Love knows no limit – it is not bound or attached and you are a child of that love. So go now and look yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself that you are forgiven – completely. Look yourself in the eye and say I love you – feel it come from the Universe. Now you are painting your doorway – creating your possibility and having that breakthrough…

Your breakthrough now becomes a stepping stone you give to others. Namaste.

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