Eat Pray Love Americano

AmericanoI recently discovered how much I love being in the kitchen playing my Putumayo Presents ROMANTICA CD while cooking. The space music and cooking creates for me is one of openness and peace. A flowing creativity. It opens the door for a sense of freedom. Freedom to dance and play when preparing meals. The kitchen fosters a place where friends can congregate to participate in cutting up vegetables or in conversation. Good conversation, fun conversation – be yourself conversation. We don’t have to travel to Italy or Bali, Egypt or Maui to experience authentic be-here now moments – the moments when we lose our everyday concerns of structured perfectionism. Breaking free! We can take our own trip, traveling a few steps, eat, pray, love at home in our own kitchen – Americano style. Granted, your kitchen may be in Brazil or Japan but you get the picture right?

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