Five For Life

Life-LessonsThese words can mean many things to many people; here is what they meant to me:

Sky’s the limit: My graphic design teacher said that to me while teaching typography one day. She implied once you learned the basic knowledge of type placement that you could be as creative as you wanted to be…I’ve said that about everything else since.

You don’t belong here: Ambrozine was from Trinidad. Probably in her 70’s then, she would drive to the hardware store where I worked and we would chat while I got her the supplies she wanted. She always would say to me “you don’t belong here”. Well, I certainly felt that way then, but I continue to hear her voice in my head, even now, encouraging me to strive for more.

Choose your possessions well: I have no idea who that person was, but those words he spoke to me were enough for me to write a whole song about it. To me, it meant that no one can ever be free clinging to material things. Money, fame, or how many homes you own won’t make you happy. Only love and compassion will.

Take a sip of water: One of my favorite memories is standing at the bar in ballet class. Ms. Marsden would burn a stick of incense at the beginning of each class…I love it! One of the things she would always tell the class is to sip the water, not gulp it down, and let it sit in your mouth to refresh and rehydrate you. That always reminds me to pause.

You’re a smart kid, you’ll figure it out: Ruth was my next door neighbor, second Mother and best friend growing up. When I had “family” problems, she would that to me. I think from that young age, those words gave me the strength and courage to work through most things.

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