Free to Roam


Free to Roam.

I wrote the poem in this video short a couple year’s ago about our personal longing to be free. The music came a year later. There is another version of this that I sang and want to record one day.

The dancer in the film was street performing while I was in Ptown a couple weeks ago. I loved his freedom! This video short is indicative of all of our dreams. That we are never too young or too old…to follow them.

In addition to this video, my core work — the stuff I’m all about, is love, possibility and inclusiveness. A new book you’ll enjoy that I recently published is called The Grace of Redefining Love. It’s all about expanding life to include everything. Check it out.

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I Hope you Feel Called

I hope you feel called or moved by something that you see or hear here, to exercise your creative voice — your voice of love. We are often inspired by each other, through words or music or art or kindness.

Sometimes I think we should create checklists of accountability for exercising our voice of love. Our checklists should read, join with each other in celebration of each other at Earth Day, Gay Pride, in airports or on the streets in our cities.

The checklist should read — show up with love for civil rights movements like Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock. Our checklist should read — love more.

This video short is indicative of all of our dreams. We are never too young or too old…to follow them.

Our checklist should remind us, to join organizations like the Center for American Progress or ACLU. And we the people should be reminded often that we need to help our neighbors, and we must love our children — all of them, freely. So that they too, can be Free to Roam.

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