FRIEND is a poem about someone I grew up with. He passed away in the early 90’s and shortly after that I wrote this poem which became a song off my first CD 10 Years to 7th Heaven. It is included in the book because the message has been so clear and consistent for us all. “Hope and courage, part of life’s constancy” — “In my heart, thought we are apart, I’ll see you in the stars” #Shine #LifeIsPrecious #YouMatter


Sitting alone
amongst the memories
the destinies
passage to harmony
hope its kind to you I do
hope and courage
part of life’s constancy
trying situations
we must begin again
can’t explain these feelings
but in my heart
though we’re apart
I’ll see you in the stars

shining bright

illuminating in the night
shining bright

in the night
friend, my friend
I see you in the night

you’re my friend

-from the book HERO, a collection of metaphysical love poems from 1990-2001

You can listen to a clip of the song here:


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