FUEL: Pineapple


FUEL: Stuff we put in our body


Immune support, bone strength, digestive aid, and an anti-inflammatory pineapple could be defined as — superfood staple.

Did you know that each scale on a pineapple is actually a berry?

First discovered in 1493 on the island of Guadalupe, research indicates that our scaly friend helps reduce mucus and aids in comforting sinus conditions.


FUEL: Stuff we put in our body

It is associated with reducing severe inflammation and tumor growth— and according to a retired professor I met 25 years ago, can sustain us alone for several days if that is all we had to eat.

Pineapples are a complex combination — high in vitamin C and manganese, fiber and the enzyme Bromelain, which breaks down protein, this is one of my top picks for all around healthy eating.

Used in smoothies, sides of fruit or in marinade for meals, we can be sure our 82 calories per cup fruit is a good choice.

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