JOURNAL ENTRY January 27: Goodness


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“I’m everybody’s story of loss and grief —not unique or special.”


Life is vast. It’s layered with what is both real and unreal, made up of thoughts that seem to come from nowhere —yet is the very energy we use to create what we believe to be true.

Death, illness, birth, abundance, the possibly of war —the possibility of peace. All very humanly real, though of our thoughts is, unreal. IF —we have that option to think of living freely in a peaceful world, will we?

I want to see it. The peaceful world —I must become it.

Multimedia news outlets portray images like gameshows that we’ve become addicted to. Dramatic and fearful bits that we just —have to know. The only way I see to work through our fear is to transcend it. To observe our losses from a higher frequency.

From the mountain top

From the mountain top, the vantage point of the aha moment.

I’ve practiced mindfulness mostly because I was forced to. It wasn’t until later in life that I understood that observation without judgement often held the answer without the answers we so wish to hear.

The significance of loss is so undeniably profound that it’s effects on us alter us in unimaginable ways. Some good, and at other times leaving us with stuff we must just live with.

I lost 3 grandparents by the age of 5, one while I was still in the womb, but strangely, I felt that loss my entire life. That was perhaps the beginning of viewing life as “The Fragile Thread” a title of a poem I wrote in 1992. Age five was probably also the base of a false belief I carried for many years that everything I love leaves me.

I’m everybody’s story of loss and grief —not unique or special. It wasn’t “me” they left, life changed because well —Life is vast, and layered and fluctuating creative energies.

Remember the good things.

That was the most meaningful note I received when my mother died in 2011. I say that only as a reference point for writing in this journal. My real offering today is a suggestion we all slow down enough to appreciate the living.

It is to raise our thinking —expand our thoughts that they also raise our frequency to hear those no longer with us. What are they saying to us?

I find time each morning when I wake and in the moments before I sleep to remember —the good things. This practice grounds me, it raises my vibration.

I conclude by including forgiveness and gratitude. To for—give, I dare go out on a limb to say means “I give you love.” 

That’s big!

And in gratitude, I serve. It is one of the very core truths of the Law of Attraction —in humble appreciation, yes, I’d like more of that. Not just for me, but for all of us because it is in our unique ONENESS we are abundant. And so the Universe responds.

I want to be more forgiving. I want to be more grateful. I want to be more of that. I want to give more love. I want to expand. I want to expand my thoughts to include the higher frequency of our loved ones that have passed. I want to see. I have to rise.

Yes, I have to rise.


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