Gossamer Dreams


I remember when the sun set
we would look across the bay
we would say well baby
look at the lights…there’s another

today I know I am greater
because you were in my life
I wish I could visit those days again
cuz that’s all we have…one night

when I hear the news
I think about what we’re afraid of
— is it too much
do you think we can rise

I am just a man
riding on gossamer dreams
just a rogue traveling different roads
visiting from another world

well it is hard to express
when you get all wrapped up
in events — self imposed limitations
and imitations of our past…

if I knock on your door
and it is something past midnight
would you let me in
just for this night

– from HERO

My new book HERO is offered to readers as a description in prose of my travels. Hero is a collection of poems written between 1990 —2001. Hero is available on Amazon

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