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No Fear Friday, A Campaign for Love

No Fear Friday: Great Leaders

He also said “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.”
I believe we are here to help each other. That there are those among us that lead by example with love and compassion without fail —with clarity and vision. Those great leaders are the Dalai Lama’s of our world. 🌺

We are all trying to be our best. Some struggle a little, some struggle a lot.

Some of our brothers and sisters are living on the street, without a home or food or someone to say I love you. Others are living in deep oppression, without opportunity or equal rights. Being targeted or beaten or worse. Killed.
Sometimes it’s through our own fear and ignorance that we don’t stand up for each other. To correct the wrongs and questions the judgements.
How can we lift each other out of the fires that we may see higher? To know that…When I lift you, I lift me. Because in the end, i believe it will be all of our work together that will create a new story.

One from wish — to BEING free.
NO FEAR FRIDAY— is a weekly campaign on Instagram that suggests taking action from LOVE rather than fear brings Peace and Happiness — @yesrising is grateful that you follow us! Keep taking risks with Courage and with Hope…

About The Artist

Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Find his latest book here He is the creator of, No Fear Friday (TM), and songwriter at Rick Eva Music. A social change artist, partner of John, lover of sandy beaches, and addicted to 90% dark chocolate, with a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land. 

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