Grit 100 Not 101

Let’s talk about grit – grit is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Yes grit is another buzzword reborn out of epic tales and from great poets and philosophers, but then we live in a time of cliché and kitsch so let’s go with it. Speaking from our hearts will transcend all the crap.

gritIn life we roam and explore and we triumph and fail – it’s natural. Grit allows us to carry on with passion – it’s having lived through a day you first believed was impossible – but today is here, impossible failed…not you, and we did it! And maybe we fell down, but we rallied, re-energized, tended to our wounds and got back up.

It’s the spark that remains lit within our heart that lifts us up despite any fear, chains or heckles. We are resilient – we rise. We get back up and enter the race. Not societies race, but our own personal journey. Our journey, to be the best compassionate soldier we can be – now on a changed trajectory – with our own inner hero’s epic tale.

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