Hero – a Young Poet’s Love

Really pleased how this book is coming out. Today I am sending in the final edits. Very grateful. Since this body of work was written between 1990 and 2001, it feels like I’ve completed some old part of myself and I can now move forward. More to follow – thank you for all your likes, your support and your creative spirits my friends. Namaste 🙂

Hero is a collection of poetical works from 1990-2001. Included are poems, words that were turned into songs, and prose, some of which, are whimsical yet mini stories. The good ones will speak for themselves.

The title is HERO because we are all heroes of Love. Heroes of our dreams — of our children — and of our own inner child. Our journey is courageous dear friends and bitter and bright — full of colour and mystery and light. Yes, we are all heroes of LOVE.

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