Holiday 2.0 2

5 Ways to Transform Your Holidays

& Reduce Stress

Create a routine

  • Choose a time each day for your personal practice. Your practice could include meditation, exercise or taking a candlelit bath. Make it your personal time even if it is for 10 minutes!

Reduce caffeine and sugar

  • Over-consuming coffee, tea, sugar and processed food are easy to do. Make conscious choices by reading labels and saying no to the afternoon coffee or cookie.

Cut back on spending

  • Trust me — the kids, the family, the co-workers do not need that extra gift. Whatever you give, attend, or prepare this season is enough. It is enough because you are enough!

Invest in daily affirmations

  • These small pocket-sized books are available everywhere and not just for 12-step programs. I assure you, everyone benefits from waking up in the morning and setting an intention. You can even download an app.

Stop overbooking your holidays

  • Work party’s and family obligations often leave us feeling drained. Guess what? You don’t “have” to do them all. Gracefully bow out of some invitations, simply by politely declining. Your dance card is full.

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