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I write because I dream of a kinder and more loving world. This project, as many of you know, I’ve been working on with Peter Calo since last year. We are now entering the mastering phase which will bring the sound of the project alive. Please consider supporting us to elevate this music toward completion.Thank you so much for all your love and kindness. ~Richard

I’m an Artist, author, songwriter, cancer survivor — an advocate of love and possibility.

Some of you know a little about my story, please forgive the repetition if you do. My story is your story, it’s ours together to make sense of and to use to grow from. I had no idea when I began, how this would have played out and certainly wasn’t prepared for all the events that hit beginning in 2011.

Little did I know the following year my job in healthcare would be eliminated and one month after that, I’d be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Then, in 2014, three more people close to me died in six months time — two from cancer. It was too much loss in too short a period of time.

Yet, out of this loss and grief came a realignment — a new dedication to the Love, Hope and Possibility that is essentially — our Human Spirit. And that’s what brought us here today, with new music.

There are so many people suffering. Just turn on the news and we see everything from depression, trauma, loss, illness or just the fact that so many of us feel different — othered or lonely. Some are fighting cancer, some fight other illnesses. Some burdened by socio-economic conditions, lack of support or unimaginable circumstances. The bottom line is we’re here to help each other the best we can.

I’ve walked this path and tried to bring our message of Love, Hope and Possibility through the music.

Music crosses all boundaries — we connect with it. Music heals

My first kickstarter failed. Let me reframe that — it didn’t reach its goal. Maybe it was the rough demo, maybe I didn’t express myself well enough, maybe the stars didn’t align that month — I don’t know. But I promise youI’m not giving up and neither should you. Wherever you are in life, I want you to know you are loved, you are safe, you matter and you are enough. The power in these words — is really the foundation of Hope and Possibility.

But! The universe wants us to be successful! So in order for this project to be the best it can be, I need your help.

Become a part of the music with me! We can deliver this message of Love, Hope and Possibility together. It’s important.

This body of work includes 5 new songs, one of them is a piece called Wish to be Free, a spoken word poem set to meditative music. Below is a brief description of each song.

YOU WILL BE LOVED: This began as a poem about my Dad, but in the writing process I understood it was much bigger than I thought. It’s about Forgiveness. It’s about forgiving ourselves so we can move forward. It’s about transforming our pain and suffering — so we can fly.

POWER of the DREAM: First written in 1995, I was able to record it last year. This song is about our journey and our discovery of ourselves along that journey. It’s about having the courage to continue on.

GRACE: This song is another story about falling off our path and realizing we need to get back on. I actually recorded the demo in my kitchen on my iPhone. It was a lot of fun to record this at Rotary Records in West Springfield!

TRIBE: This is one of my favorites. It’s about the time we live in, it’s about relationships and connection and lives we’ve lived before. It’s a sort of lullaby for us dreamers and misfits.

WISH to be FREE: A poem about change. Everyone wants to be free —from the suffering of our humanness and our distressed world. When I wrote this, I envisioned all the children in our world — those hungry, those without a voice, those that see the joy and beauty in all things — those children who desire to see and experience a world that seems so distant. It’s our generations obligation to help create better living conditions for all children, no matter what color or what country.


It’s been an absolute honor putting this music together and I’ve titled the forthcoming EP Because Everything Speaks.

Peter Calo is the genius behind the music. Peter played, engineered, and produced all of the songs and has performed and recorded with many legendary artists like Carly Simon, Sofie B. Hawkins, Linda Eder, and Willie Nelson to name a few! I’m grateful to have met Peter back around 1995 in Boston when I recorded Beyond the Mundane Lane. He’s the guitar you hear on that song. Peter’s website is www.petercalo.com.

I’m blessed that the timing of this project brought us to work together on these songs. Peter co-wrote the music for Wish to be Free, the spoken word poem set to a meditative backdrop. It’s brilliant! Next year —I’d like to work toward a professional video that would elevate and further deliver the poems intended message.

We recorded all the songs last year at Rotary Records in West Springfield, Ma and have spent the last few months mixing them. I hope you like what you hear.

I’m asking for your support so we may complete the next phase which is mastering. We have an industry leader, Scott Hull of Masterdisk that is willing to take on this project once I raise the funds. You can imagine how much an artist wants to complete his work — so I thank you for your support!

I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish with limited resources and I’m grateful for everyones encouragement and past support. I wish for this music to come to life — to reach its potential. And I believe, together we can make that happen! 

The goal is to raise $850 to master these 5 songs. I’ve been lucky to have funded this work so far by myself with the help of two small donations.

If you feel drawn to help, please take a look at which giving levels feel right to you. Any funds raised above our goal will be applied to the production side, the work it takes to create a physical CD. Thank you! 

More about the artist

I’ve used the professional name Rick Eva since 1992. The name honors my grandmother Eva who passed away 7 months before I was born. Eva played piano by ear in the basement of her modest home—she loved music and family.

I Founded YesRising — a conversation of Love and a space for global thinking. Its mission, to inspire Love, Possibility, and Inclusiveness through the ministry of words, music and art. yesrising.com.

Author —of four books

Merging Worlds —the creative energy emerging from a personal journey of love, loss, risk and redefined success. HERO, A Young Poet’s Love, a collection of poetical works from 1990 — 2001. The Grace of Redefining Love, expanding life to include everything. No Fear Friday, meditational works from the Instagram campaign No Fear Friday. And MIMIC, a book of new poems, scheduled in 2019.

A contributing writer — for The Power of the Heart blog and Thrive Global, with a presence on Sivana East, Medium, and Elephant Journal!

Established the Yesrising Foundation in 2017. The Yesrising Foundation for Love, Possibility, and Inclusiveness has three service lines: Cancer Survivorship and Prevention, LGBTQ Youth, and Eldercare Environments.

Risks and challenges

The only risk associated with this project is the spread of art and music into a world in much need of love and compassion.

Thank you for listening and thank you for reading this! If you choose to support click here.

In appreciation,


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