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One thought on “IMAGINE

  • YesRising Post author

    I wanted to share how today evolved while practicing letting go of my own judging thoughts. Or trying to let go. First while observing and acknowledging my thoughts, I felt my heart opening up a little bit more – like a cloud that rolls by exposing the sun. And just that small step in itself can be a huge stress reliever! The second thing I noticed was that most if not all my judging thoughts were really about me – am I good enough, smart enough, strong enough, do I have purpose, am I on purpose…and on and on and on! It is a good thing though – to become aware of ego-based craziness – how else would we be able to work toward being more compassionate toward ourselves and our world? So, I encourage you to share your comments and/or your thoughts either here or with a friend…breathe and let go – all is well, Namaste! 🙂