Journal Entry 2017—October 28

open doors

Take a chance on life


we see possibility, we can seize it

LAST NIGHT I had a dream that I was in a shopping mall with Deepak Chopra. Funny as I found it, he showed me an old belief I’d been carrying around who’s time has come to surface and release. The belief “It’s too expensive.”

There’s so much limit in that thinking, in that belief. It has kept me stuck and it keeps our country stuck and it keeps our world stuck.

We believe everything is too expensive, including our love.

Is Love Too Expensive?

In my book The Grace of Redefining Love, I open a brief article, DIVINE DREAM —DIVINE LOVE, which is an account of another dream I had in 2013 with this: “Our civilization is on the threshold of a self actualization — we stand at the doorway of promise.”

The promise — is our release from the beliefs

You and I, on this great journey, are now standing in this doorway. And it doesn’t matter what age we are or how many years apart in age — or where we’re from, or any of that.

Together we share the same HOPE and DREAMS and LAUGHTER, and PAIN and LOSS and LIFE.

The threshold we stand on is a bed of belief. The promise — is our release from the beliefs. We request release from the fear of cost…what will this cost me. “it’s too expensive.”

So the key is you and me.

There’s plenty to go around. We have enough —we are enough. The world has enough food and technology and money to offer all sentient beings a better life. We do.

We stand at this threshold —this awakening, together. Our awakening asks the release of old collective beliefs that kept us frightened and stuck. Now, we can choose to walk through the doorway of promise together.

With your hand, I can make the journey, with my hand —so can you.

Not only can we see possibility, we can seize it. I suggest our hearts unblocked — offer wings large enough to fly. 

Shouldn’t we fly?


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