JOURNAL ENTRY August 11, 2018

✨Life —The Fragile Thread

Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s death in 2011. A lot has changed since then — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the miraculous.🙏

I guess the key advice is, as we struggle through our losses, the way of the warrior remains focused en route of the victory — on the lessons.

With absolute clarity — reverent and grateful for Life, and with humility, we are painfully awakened to her beauty.

Losses, be-it a marriage, a parent, a job, even our health removes our veil of “certainty.”

I wrote a poem 20 year ago called The Fragile Thread, I could never have known then, the impact and truer meaning it would hold for today.

“…How tender and fragile, are the strings of memory, pale and overlooking the world. The universe floods with truth and still, the fragile threads of time, lightly woven, yet, stand.”

Clear vision comes to us — we change, we grow. We’re never the same person again, we mourn that too. It’s bittersweet appreciation. And…

We never forget.💞

So, embrace it all! Embody the wise self, remind our small self everything will be Okay, and be comfort for someone else.

Be courageously compassionate — you, are the message today.🌀

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