JOURNAL ENTRY August 4,2018

JOURNAL ENTRY August 4,2018

Andy Cohen and Jesus Christ

These journal entries weave together, part dream, memory or stream of consciousness — messages, still coded waiting for our hearts to break them. I write these fictional, nonfictional “stories” because, well, they ask me too. So here we go. —RS

ON WINDING roads through mountains filled with images of sand and cliffs — rivers flowing and families moving, not because they want to — while some wait at The Hilton for their dry cleaning. Still I see their meaning.

I love the rain when it’s steaming and creating melodies, beating like hearts falling from the cosmos warning us of our reciprocity’s. In Light we rise, dark brings the fall. We choose. Choose well.

Listening to the sound “pitter patter, pitter patter” music dancing in the mirrors behind the mind — we are held alive by the palm of Energy that flows through us all. 

Who was the real Jesus? I’m often curious what his thoughts were like when he was alone. I wonder where he walked and what beauty he saw. Do you think he just observed it in silence or did he teach “look before you, for this beauty is the magnificence of the kingdom of God, for all this, lives in you”? 

Maybe he just nodded his head in awe.

What would we label him today — codependent, too sensitive, an extreme left, a bleeding heart? Puzzling isn’t it.

And what about Andy Cohen? I dreamt about him too.

There were lots of people in the ballroom but for some reason, in noting his grandness, I saw his goodness.

I couldn’t help but feel his sadness. He wouldn’t be willing to share it. And I wasn’t willing to push it. Let it be.

A.C persisted, not in words, but in gestures. With a recognition that only occurs where the truths of the true self meet. A meet and greet. He leaves the room. I hope he remembered to pick up his laundering.

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“Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Find his latest book here He is the creator of, No Fear Friday (TM), and songwriter at Rick Eva Music. A social change artist, partner of John, lover of sandy beaches, and addicted to 90% dark chocolate, with a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land. Don’t forget Instagram too — @yesrising is so grateful that you follow us!

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