JOURNAL ENTRY December 17: Courageous Heart


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JOURNAL ENTRY December 17: Courageous Heart

“our Thought, with a capital T, is the table where all hearts meet”

We live in a fast world. Keeping up with politics, changing laws, healthcare, technology while staying on top of our own wellbeing is at best, difficult.

There aren’t any immediate answers to this world we live in. Well, for this morning, “Be Still” is mine.

I’m drinking one of my favorite teas from the NUMI tea company called aged Pu-erh. It’s a rich, dark and full bodied tea, it smells earthy and comforting.  The tea arrives in a brick, pressed tea as they call it, which you snap off like you would a chocolate bar. Each smaller piece then steeps to the strength you like in one of those fancy tea cups you can buy to steep loose tea.

The ceremony of tea slows us down. Pu-erh is said to be an ancient healing tea, I love its complex flavor. Healing takes place instantly. 🙂

In adding to my morning experience, I’m playing Japanese traditional radio on Pandora while the sun streams through the windows into my stillness. It initiates the reverence of the moment.

Soon, we will all be celebrating a new year. Let it bring us Hope —and fill all people with courageous hearts.

The Courageous Heart

Courageous heart —what would that look like? A willingness to include. To act from empathy because we can relate to each others, pain or joy.  To share a smile from our acts of compassion. 

A courageous heart embodies a gentle, easy breath because we are in total acceptance of all race, religion, and human expression. 

A courageous heart is free.

A courageous heart —doesn’t that sound beautiful? Would it not be Heaven on Earth to recognize as we seek to find “out there” already exists and waits for us is herein our courageous heart.

That, our Thought, with a capital T, is the table where all hearts meet? Yes, that doesn’t just sound good to me— it makes the most sense. Namaste. <3

Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global, creator of, No Fear Friday (TM), songwriter at Rick Eva Music, social change artist, partner of John, lover of sandy beaches, addicted to 90% dark chocolate, and has a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land. Buy his latest book here

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