Journal Entry December 9: Expanding

expandingI’m Understood within Myself 

I can get there from here: EXPANDING. People always ask me about the dream I had a few years ago I had documented and wrote called Divine Love—Divine Dream. 

The dream where I saw my grandfathers face and experienced what I called Divine Love — was a significant shift for me. I was called to include the writing in my book The Grace of Redefining Love, that’s where people can read it.

Today, I read in A Course in Miracles that seeing the “Face of Christ” is where all is forgiven. Perhaps this is yet another message from that dream. Another layer understood.

I’m told through my meditation this morning, that it has nothing to do with religion or our perceptions of God. That it is, frankly, and I quote “the pure transformational energy of Love — the Truth of God.”


Always in Moments

We remember it in bits and pieces I suppose. That’s what my dream gave to me —a bit and a piece. We call them “aha” moments or visions or awakenings. Maybe, even enlightenment. The honesty here is that we recognize something —within ourselves.

We don’t know exactly what “God” is, because God —“Is.”


Change the word: God to Love. We don’t know what Love is because LOVE “Is.”

Power of the Dream

The Power of the DREAM, and I realize as I write this —is the title of one of the songs I’m recording — is: About the transfer of knowledge. That which we seek lives within the doors of our own hearts. 

The dream about Divine Love was a recognition of forgiveness. It was the transfer of the knowledge of forgiveness. It was the transformational energy of Love, The Truth of God. I am understood within myself.


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