JOURNAL ENTRY February 17: Unfold Like a Flower  🌼

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Unfold Like a Flower  🌼

At times my heart and my head are at odds. Thoughts, beliefs, and this ever so conditioned mind add confusion and distraction, short circuiting my mouth when what I really wish to do is MAKE the MOMENT COUNT.

The intricate dance of life continues anyway.  🙏

When I’m operating from my heart center, the breath is slow and free of constriction. The center of my chest literally feels like it unfolds and expands…and can, rather quickly.

The best way I can describe it is that THE HEART is LIKE a FLOWER, opening and closing — unfolding it’s petals as it receives the light and warmth of the sun.

Getting there is our challenge. Prayer, meditation, yoga, eating well, writing, reading a holy book, nature, loving — all align us with the best chance of our being our best selves.

I agree, sometimes there’s not enough time between life events to get to that place, but we can try. WE place our left foot forward, then step our right foot in…

TODAY, is sunny.


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