JOURNAL ENTRY February 3: Receive


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JOURNAL ENTRY February 3: Receive

In the TRANSFER of human knowledge we can pass along as much as we wish. We may pass on fear or hate, or we can choose to pass on LOVE and COMPASSION.

Yesterday, in an article, I wrote that we know the goal.

WE KNOW THE GOAL —it is peace. It is unity and equality and freedom for ALL PEOPLES —we want world peace. So, what will it take to get there? And what is my part?

More than knowing, I must act.

Every morning I sit and write as I’m doing now. This stuff comes to me from a state of in-between. No longer sleeping and dreaming but rather from the DREAM WORLD that is STILL SPEAKING.

This process helps me develop the foundation of love and compassion I wish live by. It delivers me from saying it —to doing it. CREATING the CONNECTION to this well of universal energy I can then move throughout the day with applying my desire in real life situations.

Hope bring the peace.

I want to expand. THIS DESIRE is so strong that it whirls around me like billowing white puffy cloud formations we watch develop in the sky above us. I wish to expand, express and explore these actions of love and compassion to their fullest capacity.

It is always inside that we begin. I want us all to grow in Hope — yes, that’s it…

You the hope, bring the peace. I’m ready to RECEIVE.


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