JOURNAL ENTRY January 13: Lack


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JOURNAL ENTRY January 13: Lack

In A Course in Miracles there is a line that reads “God did not create a meaningless world.” And, as one of the exercises in the Course asks us to fill in the blank to the following statement, I chose the word lack.

“He did not create lack, and so it is not real.”

If I ask myself what my dominant thoughts are, and I’m honest, I see lack as one of them. Lacking health, or lacking luxury, or lacking expansion, or lacking time, or lacking connection, or lacking food, or water, or worth, or joy, or success, or travel, or homes, or laughter, or books, or the Mercedes and so on and so forth.

We can grow our list of lack infinitely, and we do. Why we have thoughts of lack, we’ve learned, is from our personal experiences and our world view — our conditioning.

Just turn on the TV for 10 minutes and it’s confirmed, we live lacking something.

“God did not create a meaningless world, He did not create lack, so it is not real.”

What we focus on expands. The universe we live in is expanding, so how can we live more in alignment to the truth of that universe? The universe that is, abundance.

One by one, we create our thoughts and we sustain our thoughts. Whatever they may be. If I focus on expressions of abundance, I become that. Abundant healing, abundant joy, abundant beauty, hope, success, learning, kindness — I am that.

Knowing most of what I see is not real —thinking about the TV again, I’d much rather choose to change my world from one of fear to one of love, which then changes our larger world from fear to love. I want to become…more loving.

“I want to become the open door, ambassador of good, the river of more…”

Abundant living, becomes my decision rather than a sacrifice. It comes from a different place. It comes from my heart. Like our universe, always creating and expanding, ever expressing and exploring —our heart asks us to “be not afraid.”

I wrote this short poem this morning during my meditation. As always, the words flow through me first and then as I’m writing in my journal — it begins to make sense. I hope it makes sense to you too and maybe inspires you to open the door. Namaste. 

Do Not Be Afraid

Though I have wings

that brush your shoulders

do not be afraid

Though I utter words

that make you shiver

be not afraid

Though the flames 

of Love engulf me

no danger prevails

I am, but you

Desire in reflection

the open door

ambassador of good

river of more

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