JOURNAL ENTRY January 20: Remembering Mom


Happy Birthday Mom

My Mother had the gift — she knew things before they happened. She offered very wise words that sometimes didn’t match her behavior, however, she was an angel of love.

I was close to her, we shared the empath factor. My spirit of freedom seemed at odds at times, but now there is no veil of clouded thoughts between us often. Today for example, I heard her gently remind me as I opened my journal, that today was her birthday.

“today, it’s today.”

Her messages to the much younger me? “Turn the other cheek, with God all things are possible, have Faith, never hurry and never worry.” These were a few of them.

I carry her teachings further through my life work and I feel she is happy about that. At times, her strength was quite fierce when someone needed her. It was as if her angel wings spread so wide that they could lift anyone from anything.

That is was I remember most.

I miss that.

There were things I had to forgive too, there is no perfect person, childhood, or family. It feels good to release them. Remembering my Mother’s birthday also reminds me that she brought people together. Not just family — others that oddly didn’t seem to fit or belong together but somehow, I see now, served a much higher purpose.
What matters today is this — that I honor this Holy Connection and the transfer of knowledge.

So, 7 years since you passed I say happy birthday Mom! Yes I hear you — I hear you speaking to me now…yes, yes I will…

“spread your wings, all things are possible —fly”


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