JOURNAL ENTRY March 17: T i m e

Stephen Hawking

Deconstructing Time

JOURNAL ENTRY March 17: T i m e

“Love life. Slow down. Be curious. Include everything. Be persistent, have grit, and passion. Listen for the answer. Remember all things are possible.” 

—Deconstructing T I M E, 7 of my go—to life mantras.

When I read that Stephen Hawking passed this week, I felt both sadness and wonder. Sad for the usual reasons and wonder because I’m curious what might the human who lived with ALS for over 50 years might bring us next.

Curious what the man, who developed his mind and used technology to communicate, had to tell us now from a new perspective. From the other side of human perception.


I’m reminded that Stephen Hawking reminded us to slow down. Even in acknowledging his own awareness of the passing of “human time” he warned that aggression could be our downfall —the road to extinction of our species.

The line I draw here connects fear, anxiety and hate with love, empathy and inclusion — the stabilizer is our breath. 

Participatory Waiting

Slowing down doesn’t mean we don’t work hard, have dreams or ignore important issues. Very much the opposite, I feel. For me, slowing down means deepening our empathy. It means we deepen our capacity to love as we listen to both our own hearts and also to the heart-songs of our brothers and sisters. We slow — to grow. Much like a seed planted needs time and space to germinate and emerge — we do too.

Slowing down means I sit in silence when I ask God for help or wish for an answer to a problem I feel I’m facing. I wait because I’m certain that my own haste will only bring more concern. So, through our conscious waiting, we include everything — and everyone in our decision making processes, and in our prayers. In that sacred space, all the pieces to the puzzle are welcomed to show up.

What does Stephen Hawking have to say to us now? Is he inside the dream calling us courageously forward? Maybe he’s still telling us the same thing — slow down.


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