JOURNAL ENTRY March 3: Love Heals


Life sustains

“All things are possible. Love heals. Make your moments count — and include everything.”

Mountains and Valleys

“Sing from the mountain top” I’ve heard best-selling author, lecturer and activist Marianne Williamson say.

And literally realizing that this Saturday morning being the first in quite a long time I’m sitting in that state of freedom. We sing from the mountain top because we’ve walked through the valley. So, now we sing the song of freedom.

I’m rejoicing because I can breath freely today —and I want to share why. Five days earlier I received good news! GREAT news! A doctors appointment confirmed year two of consistent low numbers since a prostate cancer treatment I had in January of 2013. A five-year up and down journey.

So, I’m refocused, regrouping and forging forward for another year. This is a gift and I’ll never take this blessing lightly.

With a renewed outlook on life, I write in gratitude —thankful for this day and its delivery of possibility and opportunity.


We may ask — what is freedom? A wink from the universe, the wings of grace, the gift of life that lifts us. A state of breathing freely. Perhaps in this state, feeling the presence and preciousness of the Divine, we wish to share more, to build, to transfer knowledge.

Maybe another way for me to say this is that I feel the energy and the space to expand, express and explore.

It’s important to understand that anytime our physical or emotional wellbeing is compromised, it places burden on freedom —our breathing space. Everyone walks through this valley. It may be poverty, illness, loss. Not being well places us in grief — and it really doesn’t matter what form it takes. Be patient with yourself, with hope, and never give up. 

So with today’s promise of renewed freedom, I shout to you from my mountain top where I advocate “All things are possible. Love heals. Make your moments count — and include everything.”

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