Just As You Are 2

chime28We are worthy just the way we are. We are enough – good enough, strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, and spiritual enough.

The holiday madness is in full swing. No matter where we are in the world, media finds us. It exclaims that we need to buy, give, sell, be something other than we are now.

Trying to really slow down this time of year is important. Taking time for ourselves to reflect and take care of ourselves. After all, the essence of holidays, any holiday, is to connect. Connect with our hearts and to each other. To recognize and appreciate each other and each other’s gifts – the gifts of the heart including our own.

So slow down a bit if you can. Take time to nurture your well-being. You are spirit. You are rich in heart. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are strong. You are good. You are ENOUGH, just as you are. Namaste.

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