3 Hands On Tips for Engaging Your Resilience

Being able to adapt and enjoy our life in a new way — the bounce back factor, that is, resilience. And you are right, life isn’t easy and in our eyes at times, isn’t fair — it takes all we got sometimes to get out of bed in the morning, and that’s OK.

The single most important thing to remember is that we are not alone on our journey, there are others here. Wherever we are in life there are…

Empower your personal transformation.


Rethink and Repurpose Risk

11 Powerful DIY Ways to Reimagine Connection

Creating and sustaining connection in a world increasingly virtual, aiming viral, asks wholeheartedly this. What do we consider our greatest risk?

It’s easy to escape into our world of reality TV, or submerge into a shoppers world psychology on our steadfast search to fill the void — yes, to sell and be sold, everywhere we look, evidence of symptoms from too much escapism.

The loss of true social connection, even in at a time when…


Courage to Thrive (Image courtesy of Unsplash)

Strength to Survive and Courage to Thrive

When the phone rang, I was in the kitchen. Hearing the words your physician begins with “unfortunately we need to talk about it” bring instant uncertainty. I sat at the kitchen table with my cell phone in one hand and a pen in the other. You think your ready — you’re not. You think you will crumble — you don’t. White clouds of nothingness surrounded me like a hazy dream without music.

In December of 2012, 8 weeks after…

5 for Fighting Anxiety

We all have anxiety. How could we not? Anxiety has become the commonality in the fabric of our 21st century lives. Reading news headlines, raising our families, our work schedules and participation in a rapidly technologically advancing society — has saturated our minds, making it difficult, or seemingly impossible, to relax and recharge.

We call it different things. Worry, stress, overwhelm, nerves, unease, uncertainty, tension — Anxiety has become an epidemic…



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Why Letting Go Gives You Ownership Over Your Life

What would happen if we consciously chose to let go — to stop trying to control people, places, and things? I propose, ownership of our lives.

What if our perspective of business dealings and the modeling of our personal lives shifted from controlling to releasing? Focused on what we have to share with each other instead of taking from each other — imagine what we could accomplish. I bet, pretty big things…


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Like most people, I’ve used sleeping aids, food, alcohol, and at one time prescribed drugs to doze off to sleep. The problem is that consciously entering sleep is very different from our “taking the edge off” to sleep which usually means passing out through the use of addictive or synthetic forms of sedation — we wake shortly after an hour or two faced with the same problem — and now, with panic.

My former sleep life consisted of feared nights and…

Is Good Sleep a Choice?

self worth

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Self-Worth Through Service

Nature is the rehab of choice when in need of coming home to cultivate my confidence, self-value and values.

There is nothing like sitting on top of a sunbathed hot rock by a river to recharge and contemplate what has happened during the week or to find strength to move toward the next.

I bring a pen and journal with me…

How to care for others and yourself.


Forward into Justice

Forward into Justice

Each of us, on sacred journey’s, fever to move forward making our own lives better, forging pathways for our children to walk a better life than we. But so much deeper in our conviction, laying down beside us, remains a truth — we cannot do it on our own.

The election of 2016, illuminate a state of moral cloudiness in our country, if not the world, that we wish were just the difference of opinion over party lines. No — it is more than that and we must look at it now. 240 years of…

elder care

Let Me Be Free

Age of Agism

A two and a half hour drive home from visiting my Dad this weekend was heavy hearted. The first time seeing him, now in a nursing home, one that, he never thought he would be in, pleads to get out of arguing he is still self sufficient and of value — of which, I agree.

Agism, implying that over a certain age, we are viewed in decline in our effectiveness and efficiency. That our inherent worth somehow dissipates in time. Elders matter…

future generations

We Must Enter a Time Where all who Wake will have Glorious Mornings

Future Leaders — I Believe in Millennials and Gen Z

Good morning, this is a glorious morning isn’t it? Not truth for everyone, not for our entire world, not for those fighting for their lives, or simple freedoms, civil rights — human rights, but for those of us reading this — it is probable and reasonable to expect good to rise as we sip our morning coffee.

Faith — in Latin Bona fides means good faith. Fides, a word, feminine in nature that means trust, confidence, belief — it is a way of living. New for many of us, to think of it as a way of living in trust of each others inherent goodness. But we must…


Complete is Your Birthright (image courtesy of Unsplash)

On Death | Transformations and Transitions — Even a New Year

Around the age of five is the first memory I have of someone dying. It was a tumultuous combination of tremendous loss and the oddity that something greater had occurred — both a miracle and a tragedy. I would never see this person again during my lifetime — the beginning of a life of questions. As the paramedics took him out of the house that night, I asked my Mother a question. Vovô (Portuguese for Grandfather) isn’t coming back, is he?

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The Reciprocity of Generosity

Yes, generous is about giving — but giving of what?

Sunday mornings bring a quiet space for reflection. Generosity.

Generosity conjures labels from our condition and from our culture. Ads for gifting, jewels and baubles indicating payment or reward for behavior — for others maybe defined by a philanthropic event we attend — recipients of the blah, blah, blah award.

Yes, generous is about giving — but giving of…

future of humanity

Love After the Election


It is not a time for defeat. This is our time for quiet determination.

I voted for Hillary, but whether we voted for Trump or Clinton, we have a country divided — a world divided that clearly wants change.

What does the America we would like to see look like? Does it look like our family? Does it look like the dream we hold in our hearts?

There is a still in the air today. We can feel it. A space that has been created for you and I, a space in which we can now create. What will…


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Recharging the Empath | In An Overstimulated World

In the late 80’s, I read a book titled “Are you Really Too Sensitive” by Marcy Calhoun. That was the beginning of my understanding through someone else’s words, what an empath is, why I felt that way I did, and how to take better care of myself.

The dictionary describes empath as “a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.” I will add “whose world is bombarded with feelings and thoughts, oversaturated with internal and external data, that which then, becomes understatedly overwhelming.” Am I speaking your language?


Heart, Beat and Song | A Personal Journey from Grief to Gift

I am a writer, I suck at spelling, and I almost flunked English in high school. I AM a writer, of love and dreams, of words that speak to me out of my dreams and meditations. I write experientially and try to say things that will be helpful. Sometimes I hear messages — so I try to convey them. People will tell you that you have nothing to say. The truth is, you have much to say and it matters.

grew up on an island, in a working class coastal town in Rhode Island. My family is still there, probably always will be. Music, dance, art, and spiritual things were what I pursued mostly in life until…