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Touching Divine (image courtesy of Unsplash)


Two and a half years ago I had The Dream. My Grandfather came to me in what was only revealed as his face — but I really think it was God. No words were spoken, feeling only the most beautiful complete love I’d ever felt before, I felt absolute. Nothing about this dream came in words or form, in the way we might try and imagine it here. No, it offered only inclusivity through Joy and Peace, wrapping me inside a blanket that can only best be described as Oneness.

It is the energy that heals body’s and minds and that makes planets spin and dolphins swim — the Love that spontaneously heals cancer and traumas and brings people back out of comas. I’ll call it Divine Love, I’ll tell you why later —it can end human suffering — this Love matters deeper and you already are that.

Lucidly, I’d wondered how my parents and siblings or anyone on our planet could feel this Divine Love and not express it or share it with each other — it seemed outrageous. Why would those I love and love me hold back THIS Love? Later that morning as I wrote about it, I realized that they couldn’t give it because they didn’t know it — they didn’t withhold it, they just couldn’t give what they didn’t KNOW they had to give. And no one is to blame.

I feel blessed to have received a glimpse, a taste of the nectar that we all are made of. Perhaps it is helpful to think of it this way. The Love I attempt to speak of, feels like the gentle touch you give a newborn baby the moment they are delivered into our world — the gift you give them, welcoming them with promise, protection and wonder and awe, saying — I will take care of you angel — I am here. I am Divine —You are Loved.

You must wonder, like I did, what is the meaning of all this? What does this have to do with you? Divine Love, Divine Dreams, Metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

The synchronicity between the dream and my personal past began in1995 while working on a music project I had titled Inter-Dimensional Love. This was just before the dawn of a faster digital world — when mu- sic was recorded on tape and words written on paper. Inter-Dimensional was supposed to be the name of my next musical work because it meant blending our separate love and understanding into one love that was multi- layered — more than what most of us had been taught in our family and certainly much bigger that what we had been taught in school and church.

It meant that the lines that are drawn in the sand dividing gender and country’s and colors and sexuality, the lines that divide people could and should be dissolved. Inter-Dimensional Love meant that everything relates to another — that we are all connected energy on Earth, evolving — and not just deserving of, but capable of providing the same acceptance, hope and freedom for everyone — inclusiveness.

For year’s I tried to create the intention of that musical project in some form or another. Finally, in 2001 I released the CD titled 10 Year’s to 7th Heaven, a good but disconnected body of work that just didn’t hit the mark. It was the last attempt before the next 10 year’s of a whirlwind of relationships, corporate jobs, dysfunc-


tional family requests and my own escapism. Sure, there were bits and pieces of work after that of course, but it wasn’t until 2012 when I began another transformation — you can read about in my article Rising Heart, Beat and Song — that Inter-Dimensional Love re-emerged.

The 4 years following 2012 brought me all the way back to 1995 — to begin again. Connecting the dots, I discovered Inter-Dimensional Love is Divine Love.

This revelation came during the time I had been listening to different New Thought Leaders at the 2016 Hay House World Summit, a free 4-week offering of personal and spiritual development lectures and talks. With little more than two hours left before these free talks where to end, I listened to Wayne Dyer—The Next Step.

I suppose it was the title that drew me in first, because I was ready for the next step in my own life. The following day, I reviewed the notes I took of Wayne Dyer’s conversation with Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, and began to notice that the words I wrote sang to me. Wayne Dyer spoke highly of a man named Peter De- unov, a Bulgarian philosopher, artist, musician, and spiritual teacher who lived between 1864 and 1944. Both Dyer and Deunov spoke of Divine Love — in a way that allowed me to see the synchronicity of my experiences. The feeling of “Right Path” in my heart told me that Divine Love was the same as Inter-Dimensional Love — which was the same Love that spoke to me in my dream two and a half years ago.

Both extraordinary and humbling, we can all make these connections and correlations in our lives — we just need to be still. Listen to our intuitive voice in the stillness. Our dreams and life experiences are meant to allow us to shine brighter —to lift us up. As my experience was meant for me to love a little bit more, to be a lit- tle bit kinder, and to accept myself more fully — it was also meant to share with you.

Our civilization is upon the threshold of a self actualization — we stand at the doorway of promise. You and I have set sail toward this new and glorious shore, where we are touching all dimensions with our hope and courage, needing only to choose our thoughts to seize possibility, unblock our Hearts — and trust our wings are large enough to fly.


“The Heart is the only thing we can trust”

– Maya Angelou


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3 Points of Wisdom From Maya Angelou

3 Points of Wisdom From Maya Angelou

I fell in love with Maya Angelou in 1981. I can’t recall exactly how I came across her, but I did. When the film adaptation of her acclaimed autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings aired on American Television, I was not only hooked on her words but I felt a shift, a shutter, and a lift in my consciousness.

When we are introduced to something bigger than our personal world, bigger than the life we know — it is life-changing. What we learn in history books or high school classes, will pale to the personal experience we have because — we change. It was life changing to me because Maya Angelou spoke a truth, with words that were vibrant and voluptuous — and alive. Her words were honorable and inclusive and from that moment on I watched, listened, read and followed what I could find. I was particularly drawn to the poems like I Shall Not Be Moved and Still I Rise because they supported my spirit in ways I’d never known. I felt connected.

Fortunate enough to see her several times over the years, I know I am blessed to have heard her thick strong voice rumble out of speakers that filled rooms with insight, power and piercing light. I saw Dr. Angelou twice at The Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford, CT and once at a university where so many people attended, it had to be televised into additional rooms. Serendipitous gifts from the Universe, you see. When I look back now, I can connect the dots of my own history.

Maya Angelou taught me many things. These three points of wisdom that I apply to my personal daily practice, I’ll share with you.

1. Listen to your heart. In The Power of The Heart Film, Maya Angelou tells us “The Heart is the only thing we can trust”. Often, I’ll say to friends “Heart Matters”. So much so, that our heart feels the answer before our logical mind can ask the question.

2. Expressing our spirit is of critical importance to humanity’s interdependence. It is important to share our story with the world because through our words the Universe speaks and in some form or another, our global brothers and sisters will hear them. So speak good things.

3. When you learn — teach. I learned that when the wind blows hard and the storm is brutal, to keep my soul rooted in ALL. “ALL” was a description of God that Dr. Angelou gave during a 2013 interview on Super Soul Sunday. When our storm passes, and it will always pass, we can step back out with humility and dignity into that glorious sunlight — our truth.

Living by example, we choose consciously to offer our children, our friends, our neighbors, our global citizens — our truth. In our truth we find Joy, in Joy there is Peace, and Peace lives in our Hearts. What I know for sure is that I can say to you with confidence — follow your Heart.




Resilience is my Name

You lost your job, got divorced, battled a life threatening disease, someone you love shattered your world, you lost a loved one, a pet, you had to move your residence, the list goes on — how do we get back up and more than that, how do we find our new normal and thrive?

Being able to adapt and enjoy our life in a new way — that is resilience. And you are right, life isn’t easy and in our eyes at times, isn’t fair — it takes all we got sometimes to get out of bed in the morning and that’s OK. The single most important thing to remember is that we are not alone on our journey, there are others here.

Wherever we are in life there are people that rise out of nowhere exactly when we need them. I know developing a positive attitude sounds cliche and it certainly is difficult to keep it up during times of adversity, but when we step back a little, most often

what we need the most is right in front of our eyes, right where we are, within reach.

With our dedication and daily practice we can cultivate the good, focus on what we want and eventually create a new inner world — that is our transformation.

In 2012, my job was eliminated, a month later I was diagnosed with cancer. Without reliable income I used what little retirement I had managed to save up to live on. And a year later I lost three people who were very close to me in six months time. Yes, there were plenty of days during that time when I felt like giving up and some days I did. You can read more of my story — LOVE MATTERS on my blog The point I wish to make is that we need to take the dark days for what they are — dark days. Rest, cry, stay in bed for a day or two but after your fill of crying — GET UP.

Get a book from the library, read The Power of the Heart or what the accompanying film. Turn on Super Soul Sunday on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, which offers extraordinary uplifting and personal development programming. Find your faith wherever

or whatever it is. Go to church, meditate at a local buddhist temple, sit by the ocean and write. The conversation is with ourselves, how can I look at this problem differently, how can I adapt, how can I change for the better — what is the gift?

You have got to keep reaching. You are not alone. You have got to keep loving. We are never alone. And eventually, when we do the work, developing our heart and training our mind to believe in love and possibility, we enter into a new and beautiful space called peace — our resilience.



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The Reciprocity of Generosity

Sunday mornings bring a quiet space for reflection. Generosity.

Generosity conjures labels from our condition and from our culture. Ads for gifting, jewels and baubles indicating payment or reward for behavior — for others maybe defined by a philanthropic event we attend — recipients of the blah, blah, blah award.

Yes, generous is about giving —but giving of what?

In many dictionary’s, generosity is often referred to as having the quality to be kind. In the Latin origin of the word, it means noble — or showing quality’s of virtue and good. A bit further and in deepening our experience of generosity, it extends in subtle or not so subtle ways.

Our time, our smile, our ear, our touch. More often than not, an offering of a cup of earl grey tea and a biscuit to someone may be the awaited gift. Empathy may even be generosity’s highest form. Giving — being seen, feeling heard.

Generosity restores hope. It provides humanity, our brothers and sisters, with the promise that we are not alone, that we care —are cared for, and that the wellbeing of this great planet and that of our families is indeed, intact.

The reciprocity of generosity is up to the Universe to deliver, and it does. Maybe not in the timeframe or model our ego conjures and documents in support of its entitlement —no, but the higher law of generosity will deliver receipt sublimely.

So, think of it like this. Perhaps, the generosity that we are demonstrating toward someone today is the return of their generosity they gave to another a year, or more, ago.

Gratitude for the gifts we possess and are able to give is what impels the laws of generosity into motion. What we have to give today — let us be grateful for, that.

Living in authentic gratitude, our Heart Center is wide open.

How can we become active in our authenticity? By consciously making a choice to keep returning to this moment. This moment, present and rooted in goodness. The only place where we can rise — together, is inclusive and without condition —to serve authentically.

Eckhart Tolle suggests in the book The Power of The Heart — “It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.”

Today I have the opportunity to expand. I can expand my thoughts to see no division between us. Because I am willing to see differently — to unlearn my conditioned actions, reactions, to my own pain, suffering — my trauma, and yes — to see yours. And I will savor this moment because I am willing to include you in it.

Spiritual generosity —our soul to soul art form, music of the heart — energy of empathy is asking you and I to join in practice — to expand our thinking, to accept a world view. To activate a global gratitude for the reciprocity of generosity. Namaste.


Art of Heart

In preparing to write my introductory article for The Power of The Heart Blog, my thought was to write about the Heart and the Creative Connection through my experience. While researching, it made sense to me to first introduce myself and tell you how I came to live and love more fully from my heart. To tell you what brought me here — to discover The Power of The Heart book and film and to summarize the series of events that led me to this new chapter in life.

I’ll back up. In 2011 my Mother died. One year after that, my job was eliminated and a month after that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 2013, I gave up unhealthy habits like alcohol, processed food, negative thoughts and negative people. After my cancer treatment, and watching possibly every show airing on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), I emerged. Then, between January and April of 2014, four very important and determined people left my life. These four deaths in four months crystallized a message — listen. Love matters.

During the month of August 2014, The Power of the Heart revealed itself to me. Reading the cast of cocreatorrs names on the book’s Facebook page — some of which I already loved deeply, affirmed what I was feeling about Love and our internal guidance system — The Heart. I knew at that moment there was a connection, some link, between my life purpose — what I had just gone through and the messages in the book and film. From that point on, I’ve been on a journey of discovery, synchronicity and connection. This is what I learned.

The message is that love matters. All love, self love, your love, my love. And even though we must stand alone at times, we are never alone. There is always a message, there are no guarantees, and the small stuff just doesn’t matter — at all. There are always unseen hands at work, and the synchronistic opportunity is present in each moment if we observe it. It is during the difficult times of deep reflection that we can hear the heartbeat of the Universe singing our song.

Love matters. Your soul’s mission matters, what you have to say matters and the impact you have on others matters. Life is about releasing, letting go, and loving each other, lifting one another up. Rising up from the ashes that are our own. This is what I know. It is in loving ourselves that we create the highest vibration possible and in that vibration everything else is possible. It’s that big. Love matters.

This is a good place to interject a dream I had about a year ago. My Grandfather came to me, the image was only his face, but I really think it was God. No words were spoken. I felt only the most beautiful complete love I have ever felt before. In the dream, I thought how could my parents or siblings feel this great love and not express or share it with me? Later when I woke up and wrote about it, I realized that they couldn’t give it because they didn’t know it — they didn’t withhold it, they just couldn’t give what they didn’t have to give. And no one is to blame. The dream gave me a glimpse, a taste of the love that we all are made of, all come from. I do not experience that love all the time, but I always remember the feeling.

I don’t have all the answers. I really don’t have any at all. I’m not sure what my journey has in store for me or what this road will bring. But I continue releasing, letting go, growing on toward greater, higher, and beautiful things. Our dreams are unfolding. They are waiting for us to be ready to receive, waiting to be birthed from our soul.

I can only write and express glimpses of my journey, using some words or sounds here and there. This is a journey we all travel on our own, by our own choosing – it’s greatly possible, it is our highest calling. Life is beautifully alive, it lives in us. It doesn’t matter what other people think, it doesn’t matter what your inner critic thinks — it does matter that you shine.

Each day is a gift perfectly orchestrated. The gift, when unwrapped, is a box full of choices. We are offered choices to listen, to wake, to love, to connect in this amazing world of patterns and possibility. Possibility speaks to us all the time. It speaks through you and me, and trees, and rivers, and mountains and through birds, and dogs and babies. Messages, connections, and signs are here to guide us on our journey. Stay awake, everything speaks. Everything has something to say.

My journey taught me that we don’t have to live our old story, we can create a new one — we can’t change our past, but we can choose our now. We are the dream come true — the impossible dream, the song waiting to be sung. We are one love, inspired and emerging from the outtakes of our successes and failures, longing to become the masterpiece.