Merging Worlds – A Book of Personal Evolution

Merging WorldsMerging Worlds is here! A spiritual self help book about love, creating possibility and inspiring hope. The book is available on Amazon.

Merging Worlds is a personal journal of loss, struggle, risk, and triumph from the author. The intention of this book is to promote well-being. Merging Worlds invites us into conversation – to stimulate and support personal evolution, power and peace. Through the cultivation of our own love, possibility, peace and compassion we are then encouraged to help others do the same – suggesting we can help co-create a world of inclusiveness, acceptance, empowerment and global stability.

Richard Anthony Silvia, author, singer-songwriter, poet, and empath/sensitive, is the founder of and The Rick Eva Music Project. Earlier poetical works, including “The Fragile Thread” and “Bits of Red“ have been published in various literary journals and the song “Ooh the Sky”, received a honorable mention for songwriting from Billboard.

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