Monday’s Surrendering Prayer 2

Morning prayerI say some version of this every morning. It’s a prayer of surrender and guidance I picked up for Marianne Williamson and A Course in Miracles. The synchronicity of it is that I woke up feeling anxiety this morning and wrote it in my journal. Then I thought I should just put it out there and BAM, I pulled up Facebook and several other similar prayers popped up in my feed. So…it’s affirming us all today. The Universe Speaks! ‪#‎Synchronicity‬

“Dear Universe, God, Creator, Co-Creator, Spirit, All – Guide me to the places you wish me to be, guide me in preparation for opportunities rising, speak through me today connecting me to whom you wish to speak, using me to my fullest capacity, that I may live in LOVE and step forward with my brothers and sisters in betterment”

I AM filled with Love. And so it is.

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